Blair Swiler needed a break from the kitchen. He was caddying alongside co-founder Dennis Riedel and shared his homemade jerky with him. Real cuts of premium beef, right there on the golf course, was all Dennis needed. And with some convincing, Chef Blair shared his recipe and the pair began smoking and selling Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co® to golf and country clubs across the U.S.

The best jerky starts with the best cuts

There’s no junk here. Our meats are hand-cut and slowly marinated with real ingredients and slow-smoked to tender perfection. Where you start is as important as where you end. And we only start with the highest quality ingredients.

Take the chef with you, wherever you go.

Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, hustling through the daily commute or racking up those frequent flyer miles, Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co® is here to deliver a high-quality, chef-crafted snack.