We get it… every company boasts about how great their customer service is. No matter how big or small it seems everyone is the best. So how can you really tell what kind of service to expect before your first purchase? We decided to spare you the pitch and deliver the facts:

  • We boast a 100% customer retention rate in the last year!
  • We voluntarily lowered our price on more than 70% of the products we carry. Not just once, but twice, since 2013.
  • Since 2013, 99.9% of phone calls were answered in less than 5 rings (during normal business hours). All of the 0.1% of missed calls were returned within 20 minutes.
  • Greater than 99% of our orders are fulfilled without back-orders.
  • Consistently more than 99.9% of shipments are successfully delivered on time and without damage.

We know you rely on us to deliver product on time and in good condition. This dependability requires us to be better for you. We believe exceptional customer service is not just something we do, it is who we are. We live by our word and deliver time and time again. Don’t believe us? Ask around and then give us a call. Better yet, try purchasing a small order from us. No matter how small, you will get to experience how we do business. We know you will be pleasantly surprised!