Our superior inventory management allows us to be flexible with our return policy. We make sure you have industry leading product to sell with good dates and great quality. In fact, in the rare chance we sell you a product with less than four months of shelf life, we will exchange the remaining unsold product for fresh dates with absolutely no re-stocking fee.

In a world with few guarantees, you can be confident knowing we supply you with industry leading products you can stand behind. We will buy back any unopened container/case within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Simply request a RMA for your next scheduled delivery day. As always, we will never charge a re-stocking fee.

Our close relationship with you allows us to monitor your product closely. While others ship from their warehouse, we prefer to deliver. Call us old fashioned but it allows us to make sure you have what you need to grow your sales. This ensures that we can monitor your product movement and give you the appropriate lead time to comfortably sell through your inventory. We’ve even swapped out inventory with fresher dates, where another re-seller can comfortably move through the same inventory at a faster pace.

Try us out and see what a difference we can make. Where others fall, we stand behind our products all the way until they are consumed. Think of us as an insurance plan for your supplement sales.