Battle Bars 60g/12box



An idea born on the battlefield, Battle Bars was created to provide a premium source of fuel for to the nation’s

fighting forces, who must rely on protein bars full of artificial sugars, filler-materials, and chalky taste.


No more.


Battle Bars are designed from the ground up to provide a better-tasting, better-for-you option for

those who are looking to fuel their way through the day, but without the fake sugars or gritty aftertaste.


Backed by our commitment to never use artificial sugars and only the cleanest ingredients,

we believe that real change starts with the fuel that we put in our bodies.


It’s time to snack better – #FUELYOURFIGHT with Battle Bars

Weight 2.36 lbs

Battle Bars


Chocolate- MOAB, Blueberry- Blue Falcon, Smores- FBR, Peanut Butter- KBar, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake

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