Chike Nutrition makes the most delicious nutrition products in the universe. We were founded in Abilene, Texas by two sons of Abilene – Jason Hodges, and Remy Singh – who shared a passion for wellness, sports, nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

The company started small with a delicious meal replacement powder that exploded in popularity and enabled us to grow our team. Over time, we wanted to do things that other manufacturers were unwilling or unable to do for us, so we moved our manufacturing in-house and added our ridiculously good coffee protein powder, and several other products, to the brand.

We soon had other businesses knocking on our door asking us to manufacture delicious sports nutrition things for them too, so our manufacturing capabilities grew. We now manufacture products for a number of major brands in addition to our own. And, we are cGMP certified, and a FDA inspected facility.

We have created a quality working environment and many quality jobs right here at home in Abilene, Texas. And, we’re eager to see what amazing new opportunities the future holds for us, and for our incredible products.

Oh, as for the company name, the word “Chike” comes from an African tribal language, and means “strength” and “power”. Fun-fact: if you turn our logo on its side, it becomes a power button!