A synergistic combination of ingredients designed to help you protect and preserve your active lifestyle.

Any sport or activity that includes strenuous exercise can lead to joint problems. With the passage of time, joint tissue can lose its elasticity and fluidity, resulting in pain and inflammation of the joint.

As an athlete, you put your body under more stress than the average person, and Daily Elements from Techline is much more than the average multi-vitamin. Formulated for optimal absorbtion and utilization, this highly bio-available formula contains a high potency vitamin and mineral complex, plus anti-oxidants, and Coral Calcium.

Anti-oxidants like vitamin C, E Beta Carotene, and Selenium, work in a variety of ways to reduce the negative effects of free radicals. Anti-oxidants stabilize free radicals by combining with them (oxidizing) and neutralizing their harmful effects. They also assist in stopping the initial formation of free radicals.